How to send money online?

We are in a little dilemma. We don’t have the perfect solution yet to send users the money they earn through our website.

Ideally, this should work internationally and involve no paper, just a statement as pdf in an email, along with a url where a user can claim the money and transfer it over to his bank account or whatever.

Paypal offers the option to send money, but what about Google Checkout? It seems that they only allow for the customer to pay, not to get money.

Any other ways to distribute money to the users? Ideally, there shouldn’t be to many fees involved. Also, it should integrate well into our website and work mostly automagic.

We would like to offer the user a number of ways to get his money, so that they don’t need to join whatever tool we choose to integrate but rather take the tool they are used to.

I guess it boils down to Paypal, doesn’t it?


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