Advertising in Blogs

Clearly, blogs often offer great content, but usually not enough traffic for professional advertising campaigns. Blogger then turn to affiliate networks, which are usually based on CPO, CPR or CPL and typically do not work to well for the blogger. For instance, a simple Amazon-button may look interesting at first, but it doesn’t really generate revenue for the blogger. The other option include text-based ads and most bloggers resort to Google Adsense. Adsense works well, but if a weblog has to many different topics, the ads tend to be not too related to the article and this often results in a bad clickrate.

So what can be done to increase revenues for bloggers? Popups, interstitials or layer ads are not very popular among the blogger crowd, for obvious reasons. Instead, advertising should be not annoying, but interesting, maybe even helpful and targeted at the blogger and its audience.

Let’s assume that a blogger can pick the content of an ad, the size, the type of display and the position on the blog, shouldn’t that improve the peformance of the ad on the blog? We certainly think so.


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